--- License Agreement of copyrights of my pictures ---

If you want to buy licenses of copyrights of my pictures, please mail:

martin-wagner.org@web.de (Concern: "Copyrights of images")

TV-stations and newspapers can use my pictures immediately (TV, print and internet, you have never exclusive rights) when you pay me a common price. My name as photographer must be mentioned. Please inform me per Mail immediately. I will mail you my bank data.

If you are in doubt of any condition you can calculate with my good will!


Martin Wagner

Gallery of my best pictures in higher resolution


Plane in front of the moon on February 11, 2006  moon + plane tilted, plane not copied into the moon!

(different versions available)


Olympic Airways Airbus A340 SX-DFC on August 30, 2009 in my 25cm-Telescope, photographed from the garden


China Airlines Cargo at Frankfurt / Main, 500mm-Telephoto-Lens


Total Solar eclipse on March 29, 2006 in Libya, 500mm Telephoto lens 


Globular Star Cluster M 13, 25cm-Telescope 


Trifid Nebula M 20, 25cm-Telescope